Development Forecasting: Assessing the Effectiveness of CommunityViz as a municipal and county planning tool

Funding Agency: RGIS, Centre Region Council of Governments
Project Dates:
Primary Researcher: Leah Wasser, Maaike Broos


The Land Analysis Lab is assisting the Centre Region COG and Centre County Planning Office in projecting full buildout for the county. This project is a part of a larger project in which various geospatial technologies are assessed for their value as planning tools.


This project utilized a combination of the Orton Family Foundations CommunityViz Extension, ArcView 3.x and ArcView 8.


Build Out
The CommunityViz Extension for ArcView 3.x was used to forecast full potential development for all of the townships in Centre County.

Shilo Road
Site Builder 3d was used to visualize potential development scenarios around the county.

County Data
Centre County has an excellent GIS database of information - due to extensive 911 data collection. Planimetric data was provided thanks to this effort.