Visualization: Halfmoon Township Development Proposal

Funding Agency: RGIS, Centre Region Council of Governments
Project Dates: Summer 2004
Primary Researcher: Leah Wasser


The Land Analysis Lab is assisting the Centre Region COG with visualizing development alternatives in the region. The proposal in this project, is a rezoning of existing agricultural lands to dense, mixed use and residential development. This project is unique in that the developer is interested in maintaining the "Urban Village" character of the area in it's development plans.

The proposal features mixed us, Urban Village style development along the main roadentering the Village, and more spread out residential development further back along the parcel. Other features include a walking path, a natural meadow and a play area.


Halfmoon township urban village proposal - aerial view.This project utilized a combination of 3d Nature's Visual Nature Studio 2.0 and ArcGIS 8 to create photo realistic renderings of this potential development. The images to the left show the Whitehall Road site as it is today, and with 3 potential R4 Development scenarios:

Before and after view towards the main lawn and the gazebo.

View from Houtz Lane looking into the proposed development. The green leaves on the trees create an almost surreal contrast to moon-lit snow.

Proposed side access road from Route 550 into the new development. Walkable street design includes street trees, broad sidewalks and wide grassy medians separating the road from pedestrian traffic.

Detail shot of proposed soccer field and play ground. Girl playing soccer was created using Curious Labs Poser 4.0, exported as a 3ds file and imported into VNS. Other objects in the playground are 3ds (3d studio max) files imported into Visual Nature Studio. Proposed design also includes a baseball field and an extensive network of walking trails.

Existing wetland areas can be emphasized through public interpretive trainings meandering through the development.

Experimentation with atmospheric settings in VNS and detail of existing wetlands on the site.

View up the main lawn towards the gazebo.