Visualization: Residential Development (Whitehall Road) Rezoning Proposal

Funding Agency: RGIS, Centre Region Council of Governments
Project Dates:
Primary Researcher: Leah Wasser


The Land Analysis Lab is assisting the Centre Region COG with visualizing development alternatives in the region. The proposal in this project, was an extension of Blue Course Drive, and also included rezoning of agricultural lands to R4 - high density residential development.


This project utilized a combination of 3d Nature's Visual Nature Studio 2.0, ArcGIS 8 and FormZ to create photo realistic renderings of potential development scenarios. The images to the left show the Whitehall Road site as it is today, and with 3 potential R4 Development scenarios:

  1. 2 Story Residential development
  2. 3 Story Residential development
  3. Mixed Commercial / Residential Development

Project Highlights

3d Nature's Visual Nature Studio, ArcGIS 8 and FormZ 3.9.5 were used to create the above renderings. Labels were added to the images using Photoshop.

Night views are created with soft lighting in VNS.

In addition to impacting the natural drainage, as seen in this set of renderings, development in this site also will have a strong impact on the aesthetic quality of the site.