Support of Local Government GIS Operations

The LAL has one full-time staff person assigned to the Centre Region COG. This person is currently working on a land use layer for the COG in addition to supporting other GIS needs in the region planning initiatives.


Many government would just like to put up a simple web mapping application to allow local citizens to access GIS data. The LAL currently has a prototype web site up and running for Centre County and would like to extend this service out to other counties but lack the funding to do so at this point.

CentreMap - Free Online Region Data Access and Map Making

The LAL has been working with the Centre Region Planning Agency in the development of an online, web-mapping resource called CentreMap. CentreMap will be a valuable resource to municipal officials, planners and residents within the region:

  • Provide data access to the public at no charge
  • Provide a means for individuals without GIS training or software to view and use the GIS data
  • Generate public support for funding GIS-related municipal projects through data-availability.