PAOneStop has a new homepage! Continuing to provide reliable online mapping and planning tools to help farmers meet requirements for Agricultural Erosion and Sedimentation Control Planning, Manure Management Planning, and Nutrient Management Planning.

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PAOneStop Update Part 1 complete

The first part of the PAOneStop update is complete and users can now access PAOneStop’s new features.

Before using the new PAOneStop features users should clear their browser cache.

The next step of the PAOneStop update includes posting supporting materials and is expected to be complete by October 7, 2022. When it is complete, a message will be posted to

For questions, please contact Jennifer Weld, or at 877-722-4724

For more information about new PAOneStop features, please refer to the September 23, 2022 webinar recording, at  Ag E&S and PAOneStop Update from September 2022

Thank you for your continued support of PAOneStop,

Jennifer Weld, PhD
Director, PAOneStop
Penn State University

About PAOneStop

The first module of PAOneStop is a Nutrient Management Mapping Module. This module provides a tool to extract data and generate high quality maps that are required for completion of Manure Plans, Erosion and Sedimentation Plans, Nutrient Balance Sheets and Nutrient Management Plans.

The second module within PAOneStop, provides free, easy-to-use online tools to assist farmers in developing agricultural erosion and sedimentation plans to meet regulatory requirements, minimize soil loss, and protect water quality.

The third module is currently under development, this module will provide tools to assist farmers in developing manure plans to meet regulatory requirements, and protect water quality.

Development of PAOneStop is ongoing and will be released to the public incrementally.

Who is Supporting PAOneStop?

PAOneStop is being developed by Penn State Extension in collaboration with and support from:

  • PA State Conservation Commission
  • PA Department of Agriculture
  • PA Department of Environmental Protection
Farm Mapping Flyer

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Erosion and Sedimentation Control Planning System Flyer

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Jennifer Weld
  • Assistant Research Professor
Rick Day, Ph.D.
  • Emeritus Associate Professor