State Government GIS Support

This project is designed to provide complete digital soils coverage for the state of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Day is a Co-Principal Investigator on this project that is deigned to act as a clearing house for all GIS data in the state of Pennsylvania.

Phase III. The LAL maintains the GIS database of all farms where PDA funding has been used to purchase a conservation easement to prevent any further development from occurring.

This is a new project we are working on with PDA. There is great interest at PDA in the ability to track animal production from birth to the local grocery store.

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture has contracted with Penn State University under the Land Analysis Lab within the College of Agricultural Sciences to have a full time on-site GIS Coordinator to develop and manage all of PDA's GIS needs.

Maintaining healthy forests and wetlands in riparian zones greatly benefits the ecological health of water features. Virginia's Department of Forestry funded a project to inventory and analyze the riparian land cover conditions utilizing a geographic information systems approach and currently available data sources.