Coordination of GIS Activities within the PA Department of Agriculture

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture has contracted with Penn State University under the Land Analysis Lab within the College of Agricultural Sciences to have a full time on-site GIS Coordinator to develop and manage all of PDA's GIS needs.

PDA's GIS Coordinator is responsible for managing all aspects of GIS at PDA. New and exciting developments are being made utilizing the benefits of spatially enabled data. PDA also utilizes the newest and most advanced GIS technologies in computer software, hardware and GPS.

The GIS Coordinator is also responsible for representing PDA's GIS needs outside of the Agency. Currently the GIS Coordinator is a member of the state agency-wide coalition of GIS users called the Pennsylvania Geospatial Information Council (PAGIC) and is member of the Homeland Security GIS steering committee. In addition to these duties, the GIS Coordinator gives various presentations and attends conferences showcasing how PDA is using GIS to better enhance its programs and improve its abilities to serve the citizens of Pennsylvania.