LESA ArcView GIS Application for Farmland Preservation

The Land Evaluation and Site Assessment (LESA) ranking system evaluates farm parcel soil productivity, development potential, farmland potential and clustering potential to prioritize applications for the Agricultural Conservation Easements Purchase Program.

LESA ArcView GIS Application

Penn State's Land Analysis Lab and Cooperative Extension GIS Program has developed the LESA ArcView GIS Application to streamline and improve the ranking process. The LESA ArcView interface allows users to identify a farm parcel and rank it against other applicant parcels in a matter of minutes.

About the LESA ArcView GIS Outreach Site

At this site, users can access information and resources about Pennsylvania farmland preservation, see how the LESA ArcView GIS software works, download a Centre County version for trial, or find out where to get information about implementing LESA ArcView GIS application in their counties.

The LESA program has two main components: Land Evaluation and Site Assessment.

Between 1982 and 1997, 1.47 million acres of farmland were developed in Pennsylvania, representing 94% of all newly developed land in the state.

The LESA ArcView GIS application is customized to meet the ranking criteria established by each county.

The LESA ArcView GIS software is available for distribution at no charge to county officials for use in their farmland preservation programs.