How do I import downloaded Garmin waypoints into ArcView?

Step 1: Get the AV Garmin extension for ArcView

You can download the AV Garmin extension from ESRI's ArcScripts page. Type 'Garmin' into the Search box. You will receive a set of results including AV Garmin by Isaac Oshima. That's the one you want to download.

You'll get a ZIP file which you'll want to extract to a temporary directory. One of the files you extract is a Setup.exe file. Run it to put all the files in the right places in your ESRI directory.

Step 2: Load the AV Garmin extension in ArcView

Start ArcView and go to File - Extensions. Check the box next to AV Garmin and click 'OK'. You will now have a new button on your View toolbar.

Step 3: Import the data

Start the AV Garmin extension by clicking on the new button. In the AV Garmin window (see left), you will be able to choose whether the data was created by Waypoint+ or MapSource, the units for the data, the projection used, the feature you wish to import, etc.

Garmin Import Data Window

Set the GPS Input to whichever piece of software you used. Set the feature type to Waypoint for waypoints and Track / Line for tracks and routes. (NOTE: if you used Waypoint+, you must have output waypoints, tracks and routes separately. You will have to import them separately.) Click on the View window you wish to import to. Then click on Create.

You will have to specify the file you created in Waypoint+ or MapSource first. Next you will have to choose a place to save the shape files that will be created. Then you're done!

If you can't get AV Garmin to work or you downloaded your data with some other program, you can check our instructions for importing waypoint data from a text file for a more general approach.