Step book errata

Corrections to Multivariate Analysis for Ecologists:  Step-by-Step
JeriLynn E. Peck, Second Edition, 2016


Pg. 11, definition of type II error:  This should read "leading us to falsely retain a false hypothesis".

Pg. 11, Bonferroni correction in right column:  I wrote divided when I meant multiplied, so in two places this should read "correction involves multiplying your observed alpha" and "should thus be multiplied by 9".

Pg. 102, type II error in left column:  This should read "of falsely accepting a false hypothesis".

Pg. 141, Figure 28.1

Please download this file to access the corrected figure:

2016 Step Errata.pdf 


Corrections to Multivariate Analysis for Community Ecologists:  Step-by-Step Using PC-ORD
JeriLynn E. Peck, First Edition, 2010


Pg. 42: The description of Whittaker's beta diversity is backwards and should instead read: "by dividing gamma diversity by mean alpha diversity (the average for the 'S' column) and subtracting 1".

Pg. 103, Figure 27.1:  see for 2nd edition above.