Workshops allow you to attend in person, enabling precise observations during demonstrations and opportunities to make inquiries about your own data and analyses.

Upcoming Workshops

  • Workshops are held several times a year in Pennsylvania (concurrent with the webinars).
  • Sometimes workshop are offered in Oregon or other locations by request.
  • Please contact Jeri Peck with your country/state to receive announcements for future workshops in your area or for registration information for a workshop listed below.
    • 2-4 May 2018, 08:00-16:00 daily (with 1 hr break) in Honolulu, Hawaii
    • if no offsite workshops listed, see below to host one at your facility

Workshop Format

Workshops are either 3 full days or half-days for a full week.  You will follow along in the companion book while using the software on your own laptop, while the instructor alternates between a narrated power point presentation and gives demonstrations in the PC‑ORD software.

How to Prepare

Typically you must bring a laptop with the PC‑ORD software already installed.  Remember to bring the companion book, your power cord, bifocals if you need them, and a mouse is recommended unless you are very fast without one!  The following compressed ZIP file (for whichever version of PC-ORD you will use for the workshop) should be unzipped and the files stored in a convenient location for use during the workshop.

PC‑ORD Workshop Files:    Sample Datasets for Version 6    Sample Datasets for Version 7

Companion Book

You must also order a copy of the 2016 Step-by-Step companion book online, and should read through at least chapter 15 in advance of the workshop.  Note that shipping may take up to two weeks, so order your book well in advance.  Please don't attend without the book in hand; I refer to many figures and passages in the book, the power point presentation will not be available to you (ever), and you will thus almost certainly want to take notes directly in the book--the book was designed to be the handout for this course.

Host a Workshop

The PC‑ORD workshop might be able to come to you, if you:

  • Are in a location I'd like to visit

  • Can find ~10 participants

  • Are willing to "host" by being responsible for some logistics (e.g., arranging for building access)

  • Have a meeting room set up in classroom style with a computer projector/screen and sufficient electrical outlets and power strips for all participants.