Special Issue using Stable Isotopes in Mammalian Ecology now online!
August 13, 2014
We contributed to a Special Issue "Applications of Stable Isotope Analysis in Mammalian Ecology" in Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies. In the special issue, the first three articles report correction and discrimination factors that can be used to more accurately estimate the diets of extinct and extant mammals using stable isotope analysis. The remaining seven applied research articles use stable isotope analysis to address a variety of wildlife conservation and management questions from the oceans to the mountains.
Manual of Applied Spatial Ecology is now online!
August 13, 2014
Our lab made an online Manual of Applied Spatial Ecology to assist in research in several areas. This manual will assist researchers, biologists, students, or any interested individuals on a variety of tasks with GIS layers or data generated from research. Although we do not have datasets available that are in the manual, we hope to get this accomplished in the near future.