New publications on sampling for CWD
June 30, 2016
RAMALT in captive deer and elk
Updated Manual of Applied Spatial Ecology now online along with example datasets
February 2, 2016
Manual updates and example datasets are available for downloading
New publication on spatial modeling of CWD
February 2, 2016
Because CWD is a new and emerging disease with a spatial distribution that had yet to be assessed in the Northeast, we examined demographic, environmental, and spatial effects to determine how each related to this spatial distribution. The objectives of our study were to identify environmental and spatial effects that best described the spatial distribution of CWD in free-ranging white-tailed deer and identify areas that support deer that are at risk for CWD infection in the Northeast. We used Bayesian hierarchical modeling that incorporated demographic covariates, such as sex and age, along with environmental covariates, which included elevation, slope, riparian corridor, percent clay, and 3 landscapes (i.e., developed, forested, open).