MSY – And it’s not the Big Easy
April 5, 2016
What is MSY? And how did we get to Louisiana?
Disappointment and Delight
December 28, 2015
The importance of monitoring deer fates during the hunting season cannot be understated. With the deer seasons nearly over, what happened?
The Birth
December 24, 2015
Since many are celebrating a significant birth, we decided to do the same.
Separated at birth
December 21, 2015
Long lost siblings have reunited.
Adding Insult to Injury
December 17, 2015
Game cameras: fun or frustrating?
The Annual Deer Harvest
December 14, 2015
A comment in Jeannine’s last post caught my attention. I have to write about it.
NOT the most wonderful time of the year
December 10, 2015
Your perspective on deer season depends on what side of the gun you find yourself on.
One Time Too Many
December 8, 2015
After years of travel, one doe’s luck runs out.
November 24, 2015
New developments in the death of Buck 8917!
Hillside Doe’s Hiding Spot
November 23, 2015
What do deer hiding spots during the rifle season look like? We show you.
Data Double-checks
November 19, 2015
State Farm may have the market on discounts but good science is always double-checking the facts.
Frosty Pumpkins
November 16, 2015
Is the rut weather dependent? Does hot and sticky weather ruin the mood?
The Undead
November 12, 2015
The Undead may be fiction in some circles, but very real in research.
Not Tonight, Deer
November 9, 2015
In Pennsylvania, the rut is consistent from year to year. But date night isn’t so steadfast for those southern belles!
Vampires do lurk in Penn’s woods!
November 5, 2015
We had a little fun last week. And while vampire deer may be a stretch, subsisting on the blood of others is not.
Knights in Shining Armor and Damsels in Distress
November 2, 2015
It’s breeding season and buck strategy is to stay on the move. But it takes two to tango. Do their dance partners have a plan too?
Twilight in Penn’s Woods?
October 30, 2015
The woods can be a scary place especially after dark…with vampires lurking about.
Collared Deer in the Photo Gallery
October 28, 2015
Check out some of our deer captured on game cameras!
Sunny Deposition
October 26, 2015
Hunting season is upon us once again. Which means successful hunters are seeing deer inside and out.
Happy Birthday!
October 20, 2015
When you’re a fawn, birthdays aren’t counted in years but months. How many were able to celebrate their 4-month milestone?
Fate of Buck 9125
October 16, 2015
The fate of deer during hunting season is usually pretty simple to determine. But there can be ambiguity whenever humans are involved.
October 14, 2015
I recently gave a webinar presentation on The Deer-Forest Study. This presentation is available to view online for free.
Changes in Attitude, Not Altitude
October 13, 2015
Seasonally changes in behavior and home range have been well documented for their western and northern cousins, but what of elevational migration? Do Pennsylvania whitetails surrender the penthouse view in winter?
The Life and Times of Buck 8917
October 8, 2015
We have followed him 24/7 for 2 years. Find out what he did to survive.
The Devil’s Weapon?
October 1, 2015
It’s no secret that the use of crossbows is frowned upon by vertical bow hunters. Do they (and their users) deserve a bad rap?
Antlers and Onion Rings
September 28, 2015
Antlers are an ENDLESS source of conversation among hunters, the internet, and chat rooms. So why should we be different?
Tennis Anyone?
September 21, 2015
Deer don’t have anything to do with tennis. And neither does this post.
Upcoming Event - Saturday, September 19
September 16, 2015
The Woodland Owners of Clarion-Allegheny Valley are hosting a learning opportunity about white-tailed deer.
The eyes have it!
September 14, 2015
Day or night, a deer’s vision is excellent. This is good if you’re a deer but bad if you are a hunter. So how do deer see the world?
There’s more than one way to skin a cat…or catch a deer
September 9, 2015
While seeing, smelling, and touching an animal you are studying is the most fun, the advent of the game camera allows researchers (and hunters) to catch critters with the snap of the shutter.
Where are all those Twins?
September 1, 2015
Over 90% of adult females give birth each year and over 75% of them have multiple fawns. Where are they?
Fawn Survival Update
August 31, 2015
10 weeks is a milestone for a deer. How many were able to celebrate?
She's Still Out There!
August 26, 2015
We have pictures of the first deer captured in Lehigh County.
FMSI – Air Tight
August 24, 2015
Sometimes all you need is a ziplock bag.
It's that "Candid Camera" Time of Year
August 20, 2015
Game camera deployment is increasing. We'd love to see some photos of our collared deer.
Tracking the Pulse
August 17, 2015
While this may look like a heart rate monitor, this is a different kind of pulse.
What’s Up, Doc? – Rough night DIAGNOSIS
August 12, 2015
Here’s what the Doctor says.
What’s Up, Doc? – Rough Night
August 10, 2015
We get a lot of photos and questions about deer. Take a look and tell us your diagnosis.
FMSI – Head and Shoulder Take 2
August 5, 2015
Wait a minute, didn’t our team already solve this case?
A Rose by Any Other Name
August 3, 2015
Male dispersal is almost a given in white-tailed deer but some females partake in the adventure as well. What thorn is prodding these ladies to move on?
Another Race Almost Over - Fawn Survival Update
July 31, 2015
Just as we 'ran a race' to catch as many fawns as possible during the fawning season, fawns have been in a race of their own.
What You See, Is What You Get
July 29, 2015
There may be plenty of summer left but believe it or not bucks are already calling it quits when it comes to antler growth.
What’s up Doc? – Chipmunk Cheeks DIAGNOSIS
July 27, 2015
You've had all weekend to mull it over. Here’s what the Doctor says.
What’s up Doc? – Chipmunk Cheeks
July 23, 2015
Here's one to chew on. Take a look and tell us your diagnosis.
FMSI – Familiar Culprit
July 22, 2015
Who will be added to the list of suspects?
What’s up Doc? – Pot-bellied deer DIAGNOSIS
July 20, 2015
We get a lot of photos and questions about deer. Here’s what the Doctor says.
What’s up Doc? – Pot-bellied deer
July 17, 2015
We get a lot of photos and questions about deer. Take a look and tell us your diagnosis.
FMSI – Head and shoulder above the rest
July 15, 2015
With only a head and shoulder left to tell the story, will the FMSI team be able to solve the case?
Run Forest Run
July 10, 2015
We are but mere mortals when it comes to those who run IN the forest.
FMSI – Pennsylvania
July 8, 2015
Ever watch CSI and NCIS? Well, this isn’t TV and these aren’t crimes but biologists star in their own series – Fawn Mortality Scene Investigation.
July 6, 2015
Pennsylvania has some great wildlife. And it is most abundant right now. So where is it?
Female Dispersal? Really.
June 30, 2015
Everyone knows it's males that are supposed to do the dispersing. What’s going on?
Beware the Flesh Eating Deer!
June 29, 2015
White-tailed deer are herbivores. Or are they?
Decoding the Pattern
June 25, 2015
We’ve been talking about fawns a lot lately with much reference to their cuteness. So let’s talk about one of the cuteness factors: those spots.
The Race Is Over - Fawn Capture Update
June 21, 2015
Believe it or not, the end of the fawning season is here. So how did the crews fair in the race to catch them?
My What Big Ears You Have!
June 19, 2015
At about a week old, it’s a coin flip as to whether a fawn will stay curled up on the ground when found or jump up and sprint off. Will our capture crews win the coin toss?
Mountain laurel – the living legacy
June 17, 2015
While beautiful, that tangled mess and those little petals on the ground don’t make it any easier to find fawns.
So Why Did the Deer Cross the Road (or not)?
June 15, 2015
We know male deer disperse. Because this behavior has persisted, we know there must be a benefit (dispersers pass on more genes compared those that do not disperse). But why would the deer cross the road or river or mountain in the first place?
Cooler Critters
June 12, 2015
We all love deer but are there cooler critters out there?
Predator Control: Who is Wile E. Coyote and who is the Roadrunner?
June 10, 2015
Recent research has set off much debate, but the facts about what works and what doesn’t are often overlooked.
Is there a malacologist in the house?
June 8, 2015
And what do mollusks have to do with deer?
Male Dispersal: Maybe they do ask for directions?
June 5, 2015
The mystery of male dispersal has vanished with the advent of the radio- and GPS- collar. Now we can determine the who, when, and how far for those boys that hit the road.
Fawns on the Run
June 4, 2015
It has been about a week into the critical 3-week period of fawns dropping (does giving birth), but we didn’t seem to be finding any fawns. Until today.
Winning the 50-Yard Dash
June 2, 2015
Want to work in the wildlife field? Then you better lace up your running shoes.
Oh The Places to Go!
June 1, 2015
June is not only fawning season but graduation season as well. Graduation marks an end but also a beginning. Is it a coincidence that graduation and fawning season coincide? For deer, June is just as exciting and life changing as graduating.
Fun in the Field - 2
May 27, 2015
Our field crews have the best offices!
The Magic of Twins
May 25, 2015
You may or may not recall the 80’s flick "Twins" starring Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger. An Austrian demigod and a cousin of the Sopranos – as fraternal twins. Really? And what does this have to do with deer anyway?
Fun in the Field
May 21, 2015
We have four teams of field techs searching for fawns and monitoring vegetation data. Here's some of the fun they're finding in Penn's Woods!
First Fawn Capture!
May 18, 2015
The crew captured the first fawn of the year - and the project - on Saturday on Rothrock State Forest.
Get the Cigars ready!
May 16, 2015
Green grass, yellow dandelions, and bluebirds - winter is finally behind us. While we are dusting off the grill to kick off our summer of fun, does are going into hiding.
Find Anything Cool?
May 13, 2015
Trapping season does not mark the end of field work. The forest (and its many inhabitants) are still exciting even when you’re looking for deer poop.
Will Climate Change Change Deer?
May 7, 2015
We have been using our GPS-collared deer to study how weather influences deer behavior. But what about the big picture of climate change. Will it affect deer and deer management?
DEER! - Don’t touch that baby!
May 5, 2015
It seems that spring is finally here! And you know what that means: Babies!
Deer and Rain: Take 2
May 1, 2015
When it rains did deer movement follow the same patterns in 2013 and 2014?
Trap and Transfer of Deer
April 27, 2015
It’s often proposed as a solution when deer are in the wrong (or not in the right) place. Can it work?
Last Catch of the Year
April 24, 2015
It looks like our rocket netting success from two weeks ago will remain our only victory.
Wind's Surprising Effects on Deer Movement
April 20, 2015
Almost 90% of readers thought deer move less when it is windy. Find out just how wrong (or right) they were!
Ending with a Bang
April 14, 2015
Rocket netting deer is a task that requires immense patience, not to mention layers of clothes.
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
April 10, 2015
Its spring! The hap-hap-happiest time of year. Mother Nature has forgiven us for whatever we did to tick her off and we are all being rewarded for enduring her wrath.
Deer and Rain
April 7, 2015
How did our readers think rain affected deer movements in October? And what did the deer do?
New Feature - Photo Gallery
April 3, 2015
We're adding pictures! Check it out.
On Call
April 1, 2015
When we get the call that a radio-collar is sending out a mortality signal, the crew and I immediately feel both excitement and trepidation.
Has Spring Arrived?
March 27, 2015
The deer think so. Read on to find out what they have been doing.
Applying New Technology... In the Field
March 25, 2015
I have always found this job to be exciting—who wouldn’t enjoy the adrenaline rush that comes with racing up to a trapped deer and wrestling it to the ground? But it has been even more exciting in the past month.
The Moon and Deer... "Survey says!"
March 18, 2015
What has past research discovered about the moon and deer movements? And what do our readers think? Read on to find out!
Take our Survey!
March 13, 2015
How you think deer respond to the moon, weather, and hunting? Here's your chance to let us know.
The Cure for Cabin Fever
March 5, 2015
After a long, cold, snowy, icy winter, many of us are on the verge of insanity. Our cabin fever finally breaks the first sunny 40+ degree day. Freedom can be a bit overwhelming. What should we do first? Where should we go? Do we have to go back to our 4-walled prison?
Family Ties
February 26, 2015
Does and fawns are seen and even trapped together in the winter. Everyone knows its mom and her bouncing bundles from last spring. But as usual things aren’t always as they seem in the deer world.
Trapping Update from Potter County
February 21, 2015
Checking the weather has become as much a part of my daily routine as brushing my teeth or, well, breathing.
February 19, 2015
The 2014 Deer Hunger Games have concluded. The tally of winners and losers has yet to be determined. But one winner and one loser will have you shaking your head in disbelief.
To eat, or not to eat?
February 15, 2015
Deer were preparing for winter when most of us were preparing our Labor Day barbecues.
Presentation - Saturday, February 21
February 12, 2015
Duane Diefenbach will be presenting at a meeting of the SE Pennsylvania Branch of the Quality Deer Management Association.
Do Deer Stand a Chance on Public Lands?
February 10, 2015
For deer living on public land, their days are numbered, right? Is surviving the hunting season on public land impossible for deer?
It's a Race
February 7, 2015
When a deer dies the field crew has has to get there as quickly as possible if we are going to find out the cause. That's because if it wasn't predated we have to get there before the scavengers. Here's the story for Deer 8807.
Fool Me Once...
February 4, 2015
You've heard the saying, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." Needless to say, we don't capture many deer a second time. This video shows why.
Will Hunters Harvest Collared Deer?
February 2, 2015
We hear stories all the time about hunters avoiding or targeting radio-collared deer. Find out what we have learned about hunter behavior.
Riding Out A Storm
January 29, 2015
We have a lot of creature comforts to help us survive winter weather. But what about the creatures? How do deer ride out a winter storm?
Deer Trapping 101 - Part II
January 27, 2015
Here we show you how Clover Traps work. Why are they called "Clover Traps"? Well, we explain why the obvious answer is wrong.
Deer Trapping 101 - Part I
January 23, 2015
How do you catch a deer? Put salt on it's tail? There are easier ways and we will show you what they are.
Rare Mortalities
January 15, 2015
The hunting seasons are over. So now what do deer have to worry about to survive? Turns out, not much. But there is always something interesting!