Technology has always been our friend. Now it can learn.

Nobody loves every aspect of their job and if they say they do, they are lying.

Fish, reptiles, and amphibians all have teeth, but mammal have taken it to a whole new level.

New year, new crews

The coyote’s scrappy cousin is mounting his own continental bid.

The pieces are in place.

First success of the season!

Great start to the season!

Sometimes luck just isn't on your side.

Is bigger better when managing wildlife?

CWD could be coming to a tree stand near you sooner than later.

Some wish for a world free of tooth and claw so fawns may be spared. But what would that look like?

Keeping it simple may not be the best approach.

March is a fickle month

Challenging captures this week!

Revisiting a DFB celebrity, Buck 8917

Luck is on our side.

Goodbye deer, Hello FLIR

Clean up and night work

Coyotes, genes, and management?

Society values are changing. What might that mean for wildlife?

With trapping over, we celebrate the Class of 2019

Help keep tabs on the king of butterflies.

We are in the midst of an imperial raid!

How far are those tiny feet taking them?

Do antlers serve to win battles or babes?

Mother Nature can be quite harsh. How do deer respond to her curveballs?

It's a scary world out there. Best to stick close to mom.

Tackling the topic everyone loves to hate

Strap in for a low speed, unthrilling ride into 2 population estimation methods

Film noir masquerading as a population model

Wildlife are great at hiding. We need to be good at seeking.

How long it takes to catch the big one can tell us something about how many there are

No one would go to grandma’s if she lived on a random transect.

Nobody likes population estimates. Can technology let us see what we cannot?

Yes, it’s OK to start thinking about the hunting seasons.

Can those expensive GPS collars tell us where bucks bed down during the day?

Did you see one yesterday?

Are bucks getting anywhere or just spinning?

We had a sneak peek Buck 28356’s turning angles but where was he going?

Some bucks have side gigs as magicians.

Do they run the ridges? Hang in the valley? Or go vertical?

Hey, there are other deer in the woods during the rut. Does anyone care?

For yearling males, it's best to find a new pond. Some haven't quite got the message.