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Offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in Soil Science, Forest Resources (forestry), Wood Products, and Wildlife and Fisheries Science.

Latest Ecosystem Science and Management News

Grant aimed at solving agricultural water issues through community engagement
May 19, 2017
A group of institutions led by Penn State has received nearly $2.2 million for the first year of a planned four-year, $5 million project aimed at developing a model for engaging communities and stakeholders to ensure adequate supplies of good-quality water both for and from agriculture. The project's management team includes Jack Watson, professor of soil physics and biogeochemistry.
American chestnut rescue will succeed, but slower than expected
May 16, 2017
The nearly century-old effort to employ selective breeding to rescue the American chestnut, which has been rendered functionally extinct by an introduced disease — Chestnut blight — eventually will succeed, but it will take longer than many people expect.
Ag Sciences graduate students win prestigious research fellowships
May 1, 2017
Ismaiel Szink, a doctoral student in the intercollege graduate degree program in ecology, will use his fellowship to support research on tree roots and their exudates, which are compounds released by roots into surrounding soil. "Ismaiel is examining how roots and associated mycorrhizal fungi can influence weathering at the Susquehanna-Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory," noted his adviser David Eissenstat, professor of woody plant physiology.
If some hemlock trees can just hang on, birds that need them may be OK
May 1, 2017
"Using the unique approach of examining the same hemlock stands both before and after degradation by the hemlock woolly adelgid, we found that hemlock decline drove changes in vegetation structure and bird communities," explains Matt Toenies, a master's degree student in Penn State's intercollege graduate degree program in ecology
Penn State graduate student turns bird-watching passion into research for ecology's master program
April 26, 2017
David Miller, associate professor of wildlife population ecology, and his master's degree advisee, Matt Toenies, talk about Toenies' research on how hemlock decline is affecting bird species.

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