Build new conservation knowledge

The Department of Ecosystem Science and Management conducts research in the science, technology, and management of our natural resources. We use integrated approaches to study complex natural resource management issues and how they affect individuals, species, and ecosystems. Our research is multidisciplinary, applied, and informs management approaches and policy decisions.

Forest Health

We address impacts and potential mitigation of threats to the health of forests in Pennsylvania and beyond. Threats include forest loss, climate change, invasive species, pollution, and more.

Restoring Ecosystem Function and Service

Research focuses on scientifically-based management options for restoring and maintaining healthy, natural, and sustainable ecosystems.

Scaling up Ecosystem Management

Faculty and students develop and utilize new data products, remote sensing tools, and computational systems that enable breakthroughs in scaling up, in order to enhance the social value of natural landscapes and better understand ecological relationships and social tradeoffs at different scales.

Watershed Resilience

Our department has a long and distinguished role in watershed science. We’re building watershed management knowledge in order to increase resilience of water quantity and quality threatened by climate change, development, and more.

Research Centers and Institutes

The Department of Ecosystems Science and Management is home to the Center for Private Forests and the Schatz Center for Tree Molecular Genetics.

Faculty Labs and Projects

Many of our faculty maintain websites highlighting their research programs and facilities. Our laboratories—whether in house or out in the environment—support a broad range of study.

Our Partners

We partner with natural resource management organizations to provide students opportunities to learn and study with professionals and scientists—partnerships that contribute to the conservation and enhancement of our natural resources.