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Offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in Soil Science, Forest Resources (forestry), Wood Products, and Wildlife and Fisheries Science.

Latest Ecosystem Science and Management News

Ash tree species likely will survive emerald ash borer beetles, but just barely
September 10, 2019
“We found that genetic variation exists in trees from around the country, and through time — especially as the emerald ash borer population collapses because host trees are rapidly disappearing — the resistance that we observed will likely ensure the survival of the species,” said Kim Steiner, professor of forest biology, College of Agricultural Sciences.
Penn State researchers lead the way in Water-Energy-Food research in Africa
September 5, 2019
Three Penn State researchers — Rachel Brennan, in the College of Engineering, and Mike Jacobson and Brian Thiede, in the College of Agricultural Sciences — recently received $250,000 in University Strategic Plan seed funding to address global Water-Energy-Food (WEF) challenges.
Making the Most of Microbes for Soil Restoration and Function
September 4, 2019
The Bruns research group aims to understand how beneficial functions of soil microorganisms can be promoted through better management of agricultural and mining-impacted lands. The group focuses on microbial processes important in nutrient cycling and water retention.
Deer browsing is not stopping the densification of Eastern forests
September 3, 2019
A new study led by a Penn State researcher suggests that while deer browsing has impacted tree regeneration in the understory, it has not had much of an impact on forest canopies — and in fact likely has slowed the forest densification process slightly.
College of Agricultural Sciences names 2019 Harbaugh Scholars
August 26, 2019
The latest Harbaugh Faculty Scholars include Julian Avery, assistant research professor of wildlife ecology and conservation.

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