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Offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in Soil Science, Forest Resources (forestry), Wood Products, and Wildlife and Fisheries Science.

Latest Ecosystem Science and Management News

Doctoral student chosen as finalist for John A. Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship
August 4, 2020
Brian Redder, a doctoral student studying soil science and biogeochemistry in Penn State’s Department of Ecosystem Science and Management, was chosen by Pennsylvania Sea Grant to participate in the National Sea Grant's John A. Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship Program, class of 2021.
Climate scientists increasingly ignore ecological role of Indigenous peoples
July 21, 2020
In many locations, evidence shows that Indigenous peoples actively managed vast areas and were skilled stewards of the land, according to Marc Abrams, professor of forest ecology and physiology. He contends that the historical record is clear, showing that for thousands of years Indigenous peoples set frequent fires to manage forests to produce more food for themselves and the wildlife that they hunted, and practiced extensive agriculture.
Victoria Braithwaite to be memorialized with new ecology research award
July 6, 2020
The University's ecology community will memorialize faculty member Victoria Braithwaite, who died last year, with a new research excellence award named in her honor that will recognize one student each year for their published ecology research.
Sunnier but riskier
June 24, 2020
Conservation efforts that open up the canopy of overgrown habitat for threatened timber rattlesnakes — whose venom is used in anticoagulants and other medical treatments — are beneficial to snakes but could come at a cost, according to a new study by researchers at Penn State and the University of Scranton.
Penn State Extension webinar series to explore topics on private water supplies
June 22, 2020
A Penn State Extension webinar series, which begins June 24 and continues through Aug. 12, will help rural homeowners address common water supply management problems. "Approximately 3 million Pennsylvanians — mostly in rural homes and on farms — use a private well, spring or cistern for their drinking water," said Bryan Swistock, extension water resources specialist. "Penn State research has shown that about 40% of private water supplies fail at least one health-based drinking water standard, and many others suffer from aesthetic water quality issues."