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Offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in Soil Science, Forest Resources (forestry), Wood Products, and Wildlife and Fisheries Science.

Latest Ecosystem Science and Management News

Deer fawns more likely to survive in agricultural landscapes than forest
May 1, 2018
The cruel truth is that throughout the white-tailed deer's range only about half of all fawns live to see their first birthday — most are killed by predators. However, they have a much better chance of surviving if they are born in farmland rather than in forest, according to Penn State researchers, who collaborated with Pennsylvania Game Commission deer biologists.
SOILS 404 educates Philadelphia students about SOILS!
April 27, 2018
Dr. Patrick Drohan and Dr. Heather Gall received a grant (the Harbaugh faculty scholar award) from the College of Agriculture at Penn State to collaborate on urban green infrastructure education via their classes. As part of this grant's activities, Dr. Drohan's SOILS 404 (Urban Soils) class visited Greenfield Elementary School this past week to speak to 5th graders about soil and why it matters to people in cities.
Students partner with conservationists for tree planting, habitat improvement
April 27, 2018
A group of students in the Penn State DuBois Wildlife Technology program partnered with local and state organizations to help improve the habitat of a wild trout stream in the area.
Outstanding Alumni Honored
April 18, 2018
Our 2018 Outstanding Alumni were honored at our annual alumni and friends banquet on April 7, 2018, at the Ramada Conference Center in State College, PA.
Kaye receives Black Award for excellence in research
March 23, 2018
Jason Kaye, professor of soil biogeochemistry, is the recipient of the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences' 2017 Alex and Jessie C. Black Award for Excellence in Research. The honor recognizes a tenure-track faculty member in the college whose significant accomplishments include exceptional and original agricultural research conducted at Penn State.

Upcoming Events

American Chestnut Conservation Workshop
When: May 27, 2018
Where: Bradford County Conservation District and Driving Tour
Chainsaw Safety
When: June 3, 2018
Where: Mocanaqua Tract, Pinchot State Forest, Luzerne County
Building Sustainable Urban Communities from the Ground Up
When: June 7, 2018
Where: 112 Forest Resources Building; University Park, PA 16802
Good Warbler Habitat = Good Deer Habitat Tour
When: June 8, 2018
Where: Tuscarora Grange Hall, Route 75, near Fisher Lane, 1/2 mile north of East Waterford
Forest Regeneration and Wildlife Assessment in the Field
When: June 9, 2018
Where: Shawnee State Park Office, 132 State Park Road, Schellsburg