Peter Kleinman, Ph.D.

Peter Kleinman, Ph.D.

  • Adjunct Associate Professor of Soil Science, USDA-ARS
USDA-ARS Pasture Systems and Watershed Management Research Unit
University Park, PA 16802


  • Ph.D., Cornell University, Soil Science, 1999
  • M.S., Cornell University, Natural Resource Policy and Management, 1995
  • B.A., Cornell University, Biology and Society Program, 1985

Responsibilities and Interests

Investigate processes controlling the fate of nutrients in landscapes and develop innovative management practices to minimize nutrient losses from agriculture. General interests include developing context-specific management recommendations through integrated, multidisciplinary research, improving understanding of how scale and complexity affect research inferences and combining the study of biophysical and social factors to promote the development and adoption of sustainable management practices. Advisor to students, state, federal and international organizations on nutrient management and related water quality issues.


Student Advisees

Post doctoral

  • Anthony Buda (Ph.D., Penn State University), 2007-2009
  • Francirose Shigaki (Ph.D., University Sao Paulo, Brazil), 2006–2008


  • Emily Duncan, Dept. Crop and Soils, Penn State (degree expected 2015)
  • Soares Xerinda, Dept. Horticulture, Penn State (degree expected 2011)
  • Keisha Johnson, Dept. Crop and Soils, Penn State (degree expected 2011)
  • Annika Lindvall, Dept. of Soil and Environment, Swedish Agricultural University (degree expected 2010)
  • David Ruppert, Dept. Environmental Science, Univ. Maryland (degree expected 2010)
  • Deepak Jaiswald, Dept. Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Penn State (degree expected 2010)
  • Amelia Henry, Dept. Horticulture, Penn State (2008)
  • Brian Needelman, Dept. Crop and Soils, Penn State (2002)

M.S. students

  • Leonard Kibet, Dept. Agriculture, University Maryland Eastern Shore (2010)
  • David Verbree, Dept. Crop and Soils, Penn State (2008)
  • Dan Wagner, Dept. Ag. Engineering, Penn State (2007)
  • Elizabeth Brock, Dept. Crop and Soil Sciences, Cornell University (2005)
  • Erin James, Dept. Rural Sociology and Agricultural Economics, Penn State (2005)
  • Robert Vaughan, Nat. Res. Sciences and Landscape Architecture, Univ. Maryland (2004)
  • Jennifer Logan, Dept. Ag. Engineering, Penn State (2004)
  • Keisha Johnson, Dept. Agriculture, University of Maryland Eastern Shore (2004)

Undergraduate honors students

  • Michael Callahan, Dept. Agronomy, Penn State (2001)
  • Megan Marshall, Dept. Soil, Crop and Atmospheric Sciences, Cornell University (1998)


Peer reviewed journal and book chapters (updated August 2011)


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