Sasha Danielle Soto

Sasha Danielle Soto

  • PhD Student, Center for Private Forests
  • Forest Resources

Areas of Expertise

  • Forest Stewardship
  • Environmental Conservation
  • Sustainable Land Use Management
  • Ecosystem Services and Disservices
  • Invasive Species Management
  • Species Distribution Modelling
  • Ecology, Wildlife Biology, ArcGIS


  • M.S. Wildlife, Aquatics, Wildlands Science and Management, Texas Tech University
  • Geographic Information Science and Technology Certificate, Texas Tech University
  • B.S. Natural Resources Management emphasis Wildlife Biology, Texas Tech University

I work closely with the Pennsylvania Forest Stewards program; drawing on the experiences and insights of the Stewards to better understand the social dynamics of best management practices and environmental oversight. It is my hope that my research will help foster collaborative and transparent relationships between private forest landowners and environmental professionals. Additionally, I work as a part of a passionate team at the Center for Private Forests, engaging landowners, managers, and the public to promote and apply sound stewardship practices, to provide guidance and resources, and to promote the improvement of the health and vitality of private forests. Together and with our partners, we strive to protect PA's private forest landscape through research, education, and outreach to all stakeholders.