Sridhar Komarneni, Ph.D.

Sridhar Komarneni, Ph.D.

  • Distinguished Professor of Clay Mineralogy
205 Materials Research Laboratory
University Park, PA 16802

Areas of Expertise

  • Materials from plants and plant by-products
  • Use of clays for remediation;Slow release fertilizers with minerals


  • Ph.D., Soil Chemistry and Geochemistry, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1973
  • M.S., Soil Chemistry, The Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, 1970
  • B.Sc., A.P. Agricultural University, Bapatla, 1968

Responsibilities and Interests

Cation Exchange Processes: Research interests include: (1) fundamental cation exchange (kinetics, equilibria and thermodynamics) in clay minerals, zeolites and tobermorites, and (2) separations of critical and strategic metals and hazardous radioactive species.

Nuclear and Hazardous Waste Disposal: Research interests include: (1) ceramic waste from development; (2) leach testing of waste forms; and (3) immobilization of radioactive species by ion exchange.

Ultrafine particles (powders): Research interests include: (1) preparation of ultrafine powders by hydrothermal and sol-gel methods, and (2) powder characterization of size, shape, composition and surface area by using different techniques.

Sol-Gel Chemistry: Research interests include: (1) preparation of nanocomposite and single phase sol-gel bulk materials and thin films for structural and electronic applications; (2) structural investigation of sol-gels by TEM and NMR; and (3) preparation and characterization of nanocomposites of clays, gels and zeolites for use as desiccants.


  • 20% Teaching
  • 80% Research

Courses Taught


Professional Background

  • 1987–present, Penn State, Professor
  • 1984–1987, Penn State, Associate Professor/Senior Research Associate
  • 1981–1984, Penn State, Senior Research Associate
  • 1978–1981, Penn State, Research Associate

Selected Publications

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