Walter Tzilkowski, Ph.D.

  • Associate Professor Emeritus of Wildlife Science
Walter Tzilkowski, Ph.D.


  1. B.S., University of Pittsburgh (1969)
  2. M.S., West Virginia University (1971)
  3. Ph.D., University of Massachusetts (1980)

Academic Interests:

Biometrics; plant-animal interactions; population dynamics

Courses Taught:

Wildlife and Fisheries Population Dynamics

Wildlife Biometrics

Recent Research/Educational Projects:

Damage to Pennsylvania Agricultural Crops by Wildlife Wildlife, primarily white-tailed deer, damage agricultural crops. The intensity of damage varies by crop type, spatially and temporally. We have developed a sampling strategy and allocation scheme to provide unbiased county estimates of damage for two high-value crops, corn and cabbage. Statewide sampling will begin during the 1995 growing season.

White-tailed Deer Effects on Regeneration of Mixed-Oak Forests on Public Lands Effects of canopy opening and white-tailed deer on vegetation are being assessed in south-central Pennsylvania. Three levels of canopy openings were created March 1993 in three woodlots. Deer exclosures were established on one-half of the inventory plots. Herbaceous plants and woody seedlings were inventoried prior to treatment. Post treatment inventories are being conducted.

Selected Publications:

Palmer, W. L., G. L. Storm, R. Quinn, W. M. Tzilkowski, and M. J. Lovallo. 1997. Profiles of deer under different management and habitat conditions in Pennsylvania. Pages 151-163 in W. L. McShea, H. B. Underwood, and J. H. Rapole, eds. The Science of Overabundance: Deer Ecology and Population Management. Smithsonian Inst. Press, Washington, D. C.

Gove, J. H., E. Linder, and W. M. Tzilkowski. 1995. Bimodality of the combined removal and signs-of-activities estimator for sampling closed animal populations. Environ. and Ecol. Stat. 4:65-80.

Storm, G.L., W.K. Shope, and W.M. Tzilkowski. 1994. Abundance of cottontails at a state game lands unit irrigated with waste water. J. Pa. Acad. Sci. 68:37-41.

Storm, G.L., W.K. Shope, and W.M. Tzilkowski. 1993. Cottontail population response to forest management using clearcutting and short rotations. Northeast Wildl. 50:91-99.

Tzilkowski, W.M. and G.L. Storm. 1993. Detecting change using repeated measures analysis: white-tailed deer abundance at Gettysburg National Military Park. Wildl. Soc. Bull. 21:411-414.

Tzilkowski, W.M., S.E. Fairweather, G.L. Storm, and T.W. Bowersox. 1993. Forest regeneration and white-tailed deer at Gettysburg National Military Park. Pages 86-96 in W.E. Brown and S.D. Veirs, Jr. (eds.). Partners in stewardship: Proc. of the 7th Conf. on Res. and Resourc. Manage. in Parks and Public Lands. Hancock, Michigan. The George Wright Society.