Fullfillment of Degree Requirements and Graduation

A student in the program may complete the requirements for one of the degrees and be awarded that degree prior to completing all the requirements for the other degree, provided, however, that the student shall have successfully completed at least two semesters of work towards the other degree. All courses in one program that will count toward meeting the requirements of the other program must be completed before award of either degree. Students will be required to fulfill all requirements for each degree in order to be awarded that degree, subject to the interprogram transfer of credits. With respect to the Department of Ecosystem Science and Management's (ESM) requirement for a thesis or paper, work done while at the Dickinson School of Law (DSL) under the supervision of a DSL faculty member may be appropriate for incorporation into the thesis or paper with the approval of the ESM committee (in such cases, the committee should consider whether credits afforded such work will be subject to the 12 credit maximum for interprogram transfers described in paragraph 6(b)) and the DSL faculty member should be a member of the committee).