Interprogram Transfer of Credits


A maximum of 12 credits for course work may be transferred for credit toward the JD degree at DSL. Students must obtain a grade satisfactory to DSL for the course work to be credited toward the JD degree. What courses may qualify for credit shall be determined by the DSL liaison. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of many degrees, courses from other departments and colleges are credited towards a degree with the approval of the committee (e.g. courses in Economics, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural and Extension, Agronomy, Entomology, Geosciences, Landscape Architecture, Leisure Studies, Meteorology, Plant Pathology, Soil Science, EPC) and credits of these courses will be treated as Department of Ecosystem Science and Management courses (i.e. may be credited to the DSL program with DSL approval, subject to the 12 credit limit).


The Department's programs are interdisciplinary programs and typically credits from other Departments and Colleges may be credited. What courses may be credited will be determined by the student’s committee. Normally, a maximum of 12 credits of DSL course work will be counted for credit toward the minimum requirements for a Master’s degree, subject to approval by the student's committee.