For master’s programs, 5 semesters' residence is required at the Law School
and 3 semesters' residence at the Department of Ecosystem Science and Management at University Park, although additional time may be required to complete the M.S. thesis requirements. For Ph.D. programs, the same minimum number of semesters will be required, as well as the additional time as required to complete additional course work and a dissertation. In addition, Ph.D. candidates must arrange the sequence of semesters such that they are in residence at University Park as a full time student for at least two semesters in a single 12 month period. Although a student will normally take all courses at the campus where the student is in residence, a student may take up to one course (three credit hours) per semester at the campus where the student is not in residence. A Ph.D. joint degree student in residence at the Dickinson School of Law will be considered to be “registered” at University Park for the purpose of satisfying any requirement of continuous registration and/or benchmarking in the Ph.D. program.