Webinars allow you to attend via the Internet, eliminating travel costs.
  • Webinars are held several times a year or by request (see below to Host).
  • Please contact Jeri Peck to receive announcements for future webinars or for registration information for a webinar listed below.

Upcoming Webinars

  • 8-12 April, 10-12 + 1-3 Eastern Daylight Time

Note that the registration deadline is usually 2 weeks in advance of the course.

Host a Webinar

A PC‑ORD webinar might be able to scheduled just for you, if you can find ~10 participants.

Webinar Format

Webinars usually run half days for 5 days, at times that accommodate multiple time zones.  Each session will include 4 hours of instruction (so webinars running 10 am - 3 pm will have a 1 hr break in the middle).  To participate, you must enter a "meeting" that will be available during the scheduled webinar times.  At this site you will be able to view and listen to a live broadcast of the workshop, which includes alternation between a narrated power point presentation and demonstrations in the PC‑ORD software.  You will follow along in the companion book and use the software on your own laptop.  You will be able to ask questions through live chat.

How to Prepare


You must have sufficient Internet bandwidth to view live HD video streaming, or you will lose video and audio during critical times and be very disappointed.  Try streaming an HD video online and note how smoothly it is delivered; keep in mind that bandwidth fluctuates over the course of the day and week and is higher on a LAN than on WiFi.  If you have any problems, consider attending a workshop instead.  Finally, make sure to participate in the Webinar Test two weeks before the webinar (details will be provided at the time of registration).  In the past we've had only a few cancellations due to bandwidth issues, from places as diverse as China and Texas.

Software & Datafiles

You must have a computer with the PC‑ORD software installed. The following "Sample Datasets" compressed ZIP file (for whichever version of PC-ORD you will use for the webinar) should be unzipped and the files stored in a convenient location for use during the webinar.

Workshop Files:    Sample Datasets for Version 6      Sample Datasets for Version 7

Companion Book

You must also order a copy of the companion book online, and should read through at least chapter 15 in advance of the webinar.  Note that shipping may take up to two weeks, so order your book well in advance.  Please don't attend the webinar without the book in hand; I refer to many figures and passages in the book, the power point presentation will not be available to you (ever), and you will thus almost certainly want to take notes directly in the book--the book was designed to be the handout for this course.


The optimal setup would involve two monitors or two computers:  one on the internet receiving the broadcast and showing you what I am doing, and another on which you can be simultaneously using PC‑ORD to run the same procedures.  Finally, you will be sent specific instructions on how to test your audio settings before each webinar session.  Please note that it is very important to test your audio settings at the start of every session to make sure you can hear me.