Land Analysis Lab

The Penn State Land Analysis Laboratory (LAL) is a research, extension, and teaching facility specializing in the use of GIS and related advanced information system technologies for environmental assessment, agriculture, and land management and planning.

Land Analysis Lab is a research, Extension, and teaching facility. PaOneStop specializes in Farm Map and Agricultural Erosion & Sedimentation Control planning. AgMap provides promotional services for agricultural products from farmer to farmer and farmer to public.

PAOneStop provides online mapping and farm planning tools to assist farmers in meeting regulatory requirements. PAOneStop's mapping module produces high quality farm and soils maps required for Nutrient Balance Sheets, Manure Management Plans, and Nutrient Management Plans. The Agricultural Erosion and Sedimentation Control (Ag E&S) Planning module calculates soil loss based on farm crop rotations and best management practices and then creates an Ag E&S Plan.

PAOneStop is being developed by Penn State Extension with funding from: 

  • PA State Conservation Commission
  • PA Department of Agriculture
  • PA Department of Environmental Protection