Opportunities for students


I am very interested in involving motivated undergraduate students in the research in our lab. Opportunities for technicians and independent study will be available. If you think you may be interested, send me a resume and a short email describing your interest and we will find a time to talk about opportunities. I am especially interested in students that are looking to work in the field with amphibians and students who enjoy math and want to learn how to combine it with their passion for wildlife.


As positions become available I will post them below. I also welcome general inquiries and may be able to find alternative funding sources, especially for exceptional candidates. Take a close look at our research directions and what other people in the lab are doing to make sure it fits your interests. If you are still interested, send me a short letter describing your experiences and research interests, along with a CV.


At the post-doctoral level, I am especially interested in supervising people with strong quantitative interests. I do not have any current opportunities, but expect opportunities will be available in the future. I am also willing to assist strong candidates in developing proposals and to look for potential funding sources. Send me an email describing your interests along with a CV and we can find a time to chat.

Current Positions