Applying for an Internship

  • Start looking for summer internships in early spring.
  • Tailor your cover letter and resume to each individual and company. Do not send a letter to ACME Forestry and then refer to your eagerness to work for Smith Brothers, Inc.
  • Develop specific goals related to the job opportunity. Be prepared to state specific skills you offer.
  • Indicate specific areas of interest and expectations.
  • Be honest on your resume.
  • Prepare a complete resume (or job application), and have it ready for the internship intervie.
  • Make sure your resume addresses knowledge, skills, and abilities required of the internship you are interested in
  • When you meet with the internship host, treat it as professionally as a job interview. During the interview, be sure to share your specific goals for the internship.
  • Follow up your mail contact or your interview with a phone call to reinforce your interest.
  • Be within a reasonable commute of the internship location, or arrange alternative housing.

For detailed information and advice on internships for academic credit see our Internship Handbook (hard copy available in 113 Forest Resources Building).