If you want to find out if a field really interests you

  • Look for internships that offer a wide variety of experiences so that you can sample the field
  • Select an employer that is large enough to offer experiences in different disciplines
  • Identify a mentor to help you navigate through the experience. This will also help you to develop a better understanding and perspective of the field.

If you want to develop skills and abilities to complete your training

  • Set specific goals in advance of the internship
  • Communicate these goals clearly to your internship host
  • Make sure the internship experience will provide you with the opportunity to achieve your goals

If you are looking for a hands-on work experience

    • Be specific about the type of experience you need
    • Follow-up on something with which you are already knowledgeable and skilled if you want to specialize
    • If you want to broaden your scope of experience, select an internship that will complement your abilities, skills and knowledge.