The majority of the Penn State forestland is enrolled in the Pennsylvania Game Commission's Hunter Access Program. Users must recognize and comply with all relevant University policies and Pennsylvania codes.

Users should familiarize themselves with:
Statute Title 58 of the Pennsylvania Recreation Code
Statute Title 75, Chapter 77, of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code
Statute Title 34 of the Pennsylvania Game and Wildlife Code

Quick facts, it is unlawful on Penn State Forestland to:

  • Plant, gather, cut, dig, remove, or otherwise injure any plants, including trees, shrubs, vines, flowering plants, and cultivated crops (berry picking is permitted)
  • Operate a snowmobile/snow machine that is not properly registered, titled, and when needed, certified. Snowmobiles/snowmachines are permitted on open Penn State forest roads when conditions permit (unless otherwise posted)
  • Violate or neglect to follow instructions posted on signs authorized by the University
  • Destroy, mutilate, or remove any sign or placard
  • Organize or participate in any trail rides or group rides for hire or profit (rides, even not-for-profit, with many participants must be approved by the Forestland Management Office in advance)
  • Drive licensed motor vehicles with or without attachments having gross weight in excess of 11,000 pounds, except by University administered permit
  • Block roads or gates; roads are for emergency use as well as for normal access in the operation of the forest
  • Swim in any dam, pond, lake or stream
  • Remove sand, clay, stone, minerals or other products
  • To litter or dump any refuse or debris on University property
  • Erect or use tree stands and/or blinds that cause damage to any tree. Portable tree stands and blinds must be placed on University property no earlier than two weeks before the first deer season and must be removed no later than two weeks after the close of the last deer season. All tree stands and blinds placed on University property must be marked to clearly identify the owner/occupant
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