Forestland Management Office

Responsible for the more than 8,000 acres of forest owned by Penn State. These lands are used for teaching, research, recreation, and as a renewable resource for timber and other forest products.

Latest News

June 13, 2024

Pennsylvania private forest landowners value fire as tool to manage woodlands

Fire can help shape ecosystems, and after a century of suppressing naturally occurring fire that has thrown forests out balance, some states — including Pennsylvania — are using controlled burns to help manage forests on public lands. Now, a new four-state study by a team of Penn State researchers shows that many private landowners in the Keystone State value controlled burns and are willing to pay for them on their woodlands, too.

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June 5, 2024

Bruns receives the 2024 Commonwealth Award from the One Health Microbiome Center

Mary Ann Bruns, professor of soil microbiology and biogeochemistry in the College of Agricultural Sciences, received the Commonwealth Award from Penn State’s One Health Microbiome Center on May 30.

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May 21, 2024

Penn State Sustainable Labs Program concludes second year, expands on successes

The Sustainable Labs Program provides educational support and networking opportunities to labs across Penn State, helping them implement changes to become more energy and resource efficient. Actions taken by participating labs are estimated to result in over $155,000 in savings for the University and reduce about 490 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

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May 16, 2024

Industry fellowship provides real-world experience for doctoral student

Xialing Zhao, a doctoral candidate in Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences, participated in the college's first-of-its-kind summer fellowship pairing Penn State graduate students with industry mentors to help students navigate the transition from academia to careers in industry.  

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