Emerald Ash Borer In Pennsylvania
August 28, 2009
Larvae of this beetle feed in the tissues under the bark of ash trees (Fraxinus spp.), causing the girdling and death of branches and entire trees.
The Gypsy Moth Has Left Centre County, PA and the State
August 28, 2009
Most of you probably will not be surprised to hear that the Pennsylvania DCNR is finding that there has been a near-complete collapse of the gypsy moth population in the state.
Wet Spring Kills Harmful Gypsy Moths in Virginia
August 28, 2009
The cool, wet Virginia spring wasn’t just good for replenishing water reserves — it also has killed off vast swaths of gypsy moths that infested mountain forests throughout the state.
Penn State's Forestland DMAP 2009 Information
June 30, 2009
The PSU Forestland Mgmt. Office in cooperation with the PSU SFR faculty have decided to not participate in DMAP for the 2009-2010 hunting season.