Can I do this?

It is unlawful on Penn State Forestland to:

  • Contaminate, pollute, or degrade surface or groundwater

  • Graze or permit grazing of domestic livestock

  • Place private advertisements, signs, or posters

  • Plant, gather, cut, dig, remove, or otherwise injure any plants, including trees, shrubs, vines, flowering plants, and cultivated crops (berry picking is permitted)

  • Travel on roads with any motorized vehicle or conveyance vehicle that is not licensed or authorized for operation on a public highway

  • Operate a snowmobile, except between January 15 and April 1

  • Violate or neglect to follow instructions posted on signs authorized by the University

  • Destroy, mutilate, or remove any sign or placard

  • Organize or participate in any trail rides or group rides for hire or profit

  • Drive motor vehicles with or without attachments having gross weight in excess of 11,000 pounds, except by permit

  • Block roads or gates; roads are for emergency use as well as for normal access in the operation of the forest

  • Swim in any dam, pond, lake, or stream

  • Remove sand, clay, stone, minerals, or any other products

  • Injure, destroy, or cause damage to any property

  • Erect or use tree stands that cause damage to any tree. Portable tree stands (which do not harm the tree in any way) are permitted but must be removed by the end of January.