Quantitative Forest Ecology Lab

Advances in quantitative methods and computing capabilities combined with varied data sources at different spatial and temporal scales present new and exciting opportunities for understanding, quantifying and modeling forest ecosystems and their response to the environment.

We use quantitative methods and varied data sources to understand forest ecosystems by quantifying, modeling and mapping ecosystem attributes and processes. We are especially interested in modeling forest ecosystem responses to changes in climate and to human-driven effects, and in quantifying and mapping forest ecosystem attributes that are essential for monitoring ecosystem changes at different scales.

Students interested in working in the Quantitative Forest Ecology Lab should contact Laura Leites

Leites Lab News

We are using UAS to measure differences in phenology of black walnut provenances
September 25, 2018
In collaboration with Drs. M. McDill and D. Miller, we are using UAS and multispectral images to measure phenology differences among black walnut provenances growing in a provenance trial.
We are starting research in a long-term black walnut provenance study
August 3, 2018
Laura Leites is taking over responsibilities for a range-wide black walnut provenance study and our lab is starting new research projects this Fall.
Our lab in the news - July
July 25, 2018
Joshua Rittenhouse's undergraduate research featured in Penn State News
Our lab at the US-IALE Annual Meeting 2018
April 21, 2018
Xin Chen and Zhiyue Xia present their research.