Current projects

You can view pictures of our field sites and see the lab at work by selecting our image gallery below. Or, for more detailed information select one of the project links.

View pictures of our field sites and see the lab at work.

We are measuring the capacity of stable soil N pools to retain N across several land-use types in Pennsylvania, including row-crop agriculture, pastures, urban lawns, and forests.

Current research compares cover crop monocultures to diverse mixtures like the soybean, rye grass, red clover mix shown here.

We are evaluating cropping systems that attempt to reduce synthetic nitrogen inputs and pollution outputs from row crops. We monitor nitrogen availability to crops and measure soil greenhouse emissions and subsurface nitrogen leaching to evaluate pollution losses.

We are working to resolve the effects of geology, disturbance and climate variability on forest soil C and nutrient dynamics in Appalachian forests.