For Teachers

Discover soil educational materials and activities for preschool through 12th grade teachers.

Educating children about the importance of soil is easy and very fun (for them and you).

Soil is fascinating! There are incredible creatures that live in soil (some are cuddly and some you don’t want to meet in a dark pore at night), sticky oozes and glue, plant roots stronger than the Hulk, and fun and fantastic fungi. It is also really fun to play with soil. Different soils feel different, are very colorful, and have all kinds of smells.

What is Soil?

The earth is covered by a thin layer of soil, composed of minerals, organic matter, water, air, and living organisms. Within this layer is a record of the area’s geological and climatic history, as well as information about the suitability of future use of the soil. Soils affect many areas of our lives; we depend on the soil to grow our food and support the buildings we live and work in. Soils form an essential element in the ecosystem. Human activities that damage soils threaten to disrupt the delicate balance that sustains life. It is important to have a basic understanding of the formation and properties of soils to determine their future uses and to manage soils wisely.

Below are soil educational materials and activities for pre-school - 12th grade teachers. Some we have designed and in some cases we will point you to a great resource on the Internet.