Why is paper important? No other manufactured material is so widely available, versatile, and so important to our everyday existence. We read books. We print out Web pages and computer files. We dry our hands on paper towels. We wrap gifts. We take notes. These are just few of the ways we use paper. You may have heard that paper comes from trees, but that's just part of the story. This four-page, full-color publication explores the history of paper and how it is made today. It is part of an educational series for youth. (2001).

Code Number: UH153
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The educational effectiveness of the flier can be evaluated through the use of one of two pre and post-experiences designed especially for youth. Each experience is one-page in length, specific to their flier topic, and employs a selection of simple testing formats, such as fill-in the blank, matching, ordering, or a "crossword puzzle." The same experience is intended for use before/after the flier is used as part of an educational activity.

UH153 Publication (324K pdf)


Lesson Plan

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Pre/Post Experience Example #1

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Pre/Post Experience Example #2

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