The Environment and Ecology Series is a new curriculum resource for 3rd - 4th graders.

This series consists of educational flyers, lesson plans and quizzes for youth; they cover the topics specified in Pennsylvania's Environment and Ecology Educational Standards. This curriculum is reviewed by teachers and field-tested with kids. It is useful in both formal and non-formal educational settings.

The Environment and Ecology Series materials are downloadable here as PDF files. The color, student flyers are also available (free) as hard copies through Penn State County Cooperative Extension offices, or directly (for a small charge) through Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences Publications Distribution Center. We hope you will find these materials useful and adaptable for your educational needs. If you have any suggestions for improvement or comments, please direct them to Sanford Smith in Penn State's Department of Ecosystem Science and Management.


Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources

Endangered, Threatened and Extinct

Watersheds and Wetlands