Below are links to three interactive lesson plans on the topic of wildfires. Using educational flyers, videos, and smartboard technology, these lesson plans help students explore wildfire prevention and investigate how controlled burns are used for habitat restoration. The curriculum is designed for 5th through 8th graders and meets Pennsylvania Ecology and Environmental Education Standards.

Through the lesson plans students will understand ways to reduce wildfire risk around their home and community. They will also learn how trained professionals use controlled burns to maintain habitat for endangered species.

Audience: Grades 5-8

Lesson 1: Wildfire: Not in my backyard!

Lesson 2: Safe Debris Burning

Lesson 3: Habitat Restoration

Goals: The objectives of these lesson plans are to increase student awareness concerning wildfire impact to forests and to recognize wildfires could threaten wildlife, homes and communities. Through participation in these lesson plans, students will gain an understanding of Eastern (North American) wildfires, common wildfire causes, steps to reduce wildfire risk including safe debris burning, and benefits of controlled burns in habitat restoration.