Keywords: fishery, habitat, biota; Lesson Plan Grade Level: tenth through twelfth grade, ecology/natural resource management class; Total Time Required for Lesson: 70-minute block (can be modified to fit different times); Setting: classroom with a whiteboard/chalkboard and/or an overhead projector

Goals for the Lesson

  • Students will learn what a fishery is.
  • Students will learn the difference between renewable and nonrenewable resources.
  • Students will learn about past fisheries history.
  • Students will start to explore the complexity of a fishery and its management

Materials Needed

State Standards Addressed: E & E Standards: Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources (4.2); Ecosystems and Their Interactions (4.6); Humans and the Environment (4.8)

Teaching Model: Lecture Incorporating Class Discussion and Questions

Subjects Covered: ecology and biology

Topics: fisheries, fish as a natural resource (renewable/nonrenewable), fisheries history


  • Lecture material while having students participate by answering and asking questions and allowing them to discuss what is being learned.




AFSIT Class, Dr. Paola Ferreri


Eric Broughton, Liberty Junior Senior High School