Keywords: fishery, habitat, biota, sustainability, values, research; Lesson Plan Grade Level: 10-12 Ecology/Natural Resource Management Class; Total Time Required for Lesson: 70-minute block (can be modified to fit different times); Setting: computer lab with Internet access and a library

Goals for the Lesson

  • Students will learn how to find information using the Internet
  • Students will learn how to write a research paper.
  • Students will develop a sensitivity to the environment and think critically in order to protect it.
  • Students will reflect upon what they have learned about fisheries and proper management.

Materials Needed

State Standards Addressed: E & E Standards: Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources (4.2); Ecosystems and their interactions (4.6); Humans and the Environment (4.8)

Teaching Model: Lecture incorporating class discussion and questions.

Subjects Covered: ecology, English, biology

Topics: fishery management research paper


  • Lecture material while having students participate by answering and asking questions and allowing them to discuss what is being learned.


  • Research paper completeness


AFSIT Class, Dr. Paola Ferreri

Lecture Material

This class will be devoted to a research paper written by the students. Each student is to pick a different fishery and do a research paper on it. Depending on class size some students may end up with the same fishery. Make sure this is limited to as few students as possible. Once the students have found a fishery and okay it with you they are to use the Internet and the library to find sources to write their research paper. Make sure the students work on their own, this exercise is to teach them how to find pertinent information on their topic. Once their research is completed they should show you what they have found. This will enable you to see that they did the work and to see if they have the right information to start their research paper. Give them a week or so to complete the paper. You can leave time during future classes for students to ask questions to make sure they are on the right track.


Eric Broughton, Liberty Junior Senior High School