Keywords: wildlife, habitat, research; Grade Level: fourth through sixth grade; Total Time for Lesson: 4-5 45 minute lessons; Setting: classroom

Materials Needed

Subjects: science, language arts

Topics: wildlife

Concepts to Be Covered

  • Many different types of wildlife live in state/region/country.

Goals for the Lesson

  • The students will choose an animal to research that lives in state/region/country.
  • Students will find necessary information about their animal to complete the "Wildlife Fact File" sheet
  • Students will present their information to the class.


  1. This project goes along with Pennsylvania unit of study in which students will be learning about many aspects of the state, including wildlife.
  2. Tell students that today they will begin working on a project involving researching wildlife living in your state/region/country.
  3. Hand out copy of guidelines and fact file sheet to each student. Read over and discuss them together.
  4. After answering any questions, give students time to begin looking through resources to find an animal. (Keep a list of which animal each student chooses to avoid duplicates.)
  5. Throughout the next two weeks, provide time for students to do research on their animal, if possible using the classroom, computers, and library.
  6. Once the students have presented their animal to the class, collect fact file sheets and put into a three-ring binder. Make a cover that says "Wildlife Fact File" and display in the classroom for students, parents, etc., to read.


Lynn Darlington, fourth grade teacher, State College, PA