4-H Stream Teams Volunteer Handbook

The 4-H Stream Teams Volunteer Handbook is your comprehensive guide to leading a group of youth through the 4-H Stream Teams program.

The 4-H Stream Teams Volunteer Handbook is available by request only.

Please contact Jennifer Fetter, Watershed Youth Development Educator, by email or by phone (717) 921-8803 to request a copy.

Table of Contents

  1. Welcome Letter...3
  2. Introduction to the 4-H Stream Teams Concept...4
    a. What is a 4-H Stream Team?...4
    b. What do 4-H Stream Teams Do?...4
  3. Virtual Tour of your Watershed...6
    a. What Exactly is a Watershed?...6
    b. Where Does the Water in Our Stream Go Next?...7
    c. How to Build Connections With Your Local Watershed...8
    d. Watershed FAQ Worksheet...9
  4. 4-H Stream Teams Activities...10
    a. The 4-H Water Project...10
    b. Some Ideas For Additional Activities...11
    c. 4-H Stream Team Service Project Ideas...17
  5. 4-H Stream Teams Enrollment...18
    a. 4-H Stream Teams Activity Chart...19