Research Areas

Research focuses on biogeochemical cycles primarily in terrestrial ecosystems. Biogeochemical cycles control the storage and movement of energy, water, and nutrients as well as other chemical constituents.

Recent emphases in Forest Science research include agroforestry, biotechnology, climate change mitigation, community forestry, disturbance ecology, forest management planning, genetics of forest and landscape trees, human dimensions, natural regeneration, silviculture, sustainable forestry, and watershed processes.

Land Use research examines people’s use of landscapes and the accompanying changes in soil function across the larger ecosystem the soil supports.

Research in this area focuses on restoration of severely degraded soil, fate and transport of anthropogenic compounds applied to soils, and fundamental hydropedological processes in soils and landscapes.

Research in this area has recently included conservation biology, effects of habitat fragmentation on bird populations, endangered species conservation, environmental behavior and cognition in fish, fish reintroductions, fisheries population dynamics, systematics, wildlife biology and management.

Research in wood products spans from processing and manufacturing to business and marketing including wood composites, wood adhesives, solid lumber products, organizational behavior, operations research, marketing, and market development.