The Department of Ecosystem Science and Management has enjoyed a 100-year history as the state's lead research institution focusing on the evaluation, conservation, and management of forest-related resources.

Our Forest Science faculty continues to interpret forest ecologies and the impacts of fire, disease, and invasive species. Allied research priorities are found in the management of hardwood forests relative to improved regeneration, ownership needs, and the aggregate landscape. Watershed management and water quality are added elements within the School's research focus.

The School's forestry program was recently named one of the top ten best in North America by an Auburn University study published in the Journal of Forestry, which evaluated the research published by faculty members, how often this research was cited in other studies, and overall perceptions of the academic programs.

Parallel investigations of the ecology and management of wildlife and fishery resources are pursued by the Wildlife and Fisheries Science faculty. Their scientific objectives are to sustain and improve these resources for societal use, while maintaining an appropriate balance of species within various ecological settings.

Our Wood Products faculty endeavors to maximize the productive gains from wood resources and to further the energy attributes of wood and its manufacturing systems. Their perspectives encompass global markets and the business requirements of all such production entities.

The following summary provides examples of some of the research conducted by Department of Ecosystem Science and Management faculty in these areas.