The band performed three shows within Chembe village at Mthundu, Dwale and Songa. The aim was to sensitize the community on the activities which are being carried out in the village related to shallow water fishing ban.


The band was used in order to deliver messages to the community on:

· The implication of shallow water fishing ban on bilharzia and fish catches in Chembe village

· Health problems and their linkage to tourism at Cape Maclear

· Roles of the community in ensuring that the shallow water fishing ban is enforced

· Informing the community about the committees which have already started implementing the shallow water fishing ban


Mr Joe Chinguwo (Department of Parks and Wildlife Cape Maclear)

Mr Evance Mataka (Fisheries Department Monkey Bay)

Mrs Faniza Kaulembe (Community Development Office Monkey Bay)

Mr Adamson Anubi (Health Cape Maclear)


Group Village Headman Chembe - Cape Maclear


10 Band members from Lake Malawi National Park

Venues and Dates of Performances

Nthundu on Friday 17 February 2006

Dwale on Saturday 18 February 2006

Songa on Tuesday 21 February 2006

Methods of Delivering Messages




Observations During Performances

The band performed three shows in the village to make sure that the whole village got the messages. The band had relevant information and performed nicely in the way they were singing their songs. In response the community members could be seen singing and dancing as well. These performances were organized to compliment the trainings which were conducted with various committees in the village earlier on. The messages were disseminated through songs by the band echoed by speeches made by Task Force members. In the announcements made by Task Force members they were putting much emphasis on the dangers of fishing in shallow waters and also on the relationship between tourism, fish breeding and bilharzia infection. People were reminded that Cape Maclear being a tourist destination was at risk if people were not responsible enough in conserving nature. The band also dished out songs that emphasized on trend of tourism for the past ten years and now where it is noted that despite structural development in the area tourism is still lagging behind and this is attributed to bilharzias impacts that were alleged to experienced once one is exposed to infested waters. Community was informed on the snails which cause bilharzia that are mostly found in shallow water. They continued by saying that if bilharzia is to be eradicated there is a need for everyone to be responsible by not allowing anyone to fish in shallow water in order to boost fish stock that feed on snails which in turn cause bilharzia and it will also lead to increased fish stock resulting in increased income.

The reduction of bilharzia will lead to good health status of the community and improved tourism industry which is a leading forex earner in the area.

Having been convinced with the messages people commented by saying that they are experiencing low fish catches because of poor fishing practices e.g. by use of illegal nets which they said threatened the availability of fish hence fish is being found a long distance unlike in the past where fish could be caught close to the shore. The community suggested that the shallow water fish ban be implemented in other neighboring villages as well.

In all the shows the Group Village Headman was in attendant and promised punitive measures to anyone caught fishing in shallow waters as this will not help the people of Chembe village only but the whole country as it has been known even in the past.


Low turn up of the community due to incessant rains and that others have moved to their fields to guard their crops against monkeys.


There is a need to use a megaphone when conducting such sensitization meetings and to spice band performances so that the whole community could get the information while doing other activities

It was also suggested that the project should organize a study tour to Salima (Mbenje Islands) where fisheries by-laws are being successfully practiced and supervised by local leaders. Even Lake Chilwa could be another nice place to learn fisheries co-management.

Concluding Remarks

All the activities went on very well according to the plan and the presence of the Group Village Headman Chembe in all the shows encouraged members of the Task Force. Thanks are due to those who funded the activities and hope to continue with more activities for benefit of us all.

Report compiled by Mrs Faniza Kaulembe - Community Development Assistant.