Early in September 2005, the extension workers who formed a Task Force met and came up with the implementation plan which was submitted to LMSRP. The plan, which is attached as Appendix I, was approved after some minor changes. This led the Task Force to start carrying out activities in line with the proposed plan. Progress in the implementation of the plan is outlined as follows:

  1. Preparatory Meeting
  2. VDC Sensitization Workshop (Appendix II)
  3. BVC Sensitization Workshop (Appendix III)
  4. Sensitization of School and Health Committees (Appendix IV)
  5. Community Awareness Raising by Band Performances (Appendix V)

Plan of action leading to the implementation of shallow water fishing ban in Chembe village








Preparatory Task Force meeting

· Preparation for sensitization meetings and trainings

· Gathering and development of training materials

Task force members

13 Sept 2005

· Allowance 6xK1300=K7800.00

· Fuel 40 litres@K130=K5200.00



Chembe VDC sensitization meeting

· Briefing VDC members about the project's objectives and goals

· Training VDC members how to participate in carrying out project activities

· Participants will also be briefed on a report about bilharzia and its impact on tourism industry

· Briefing the VDC about implications of shallow water fishing on bilharzia and fish catches as related to Chembe

Task force members

15-16 Sept 05

· 30 Participa @ K300 =K9000.00

· 6Facilit @ K1300x3 =K23400.00

· Fuel 40 lit@K130 =K5200.00

· Drinks 80xK35x4 =K8400.00

· Snacks 80xK10x4 =K3200.00

· Venue booking =K400.00

· Stationery K60x40= K2400.00



Training of 3 Beach Village Committees in Chembe

· To train the BVCs in group dynamics

· Reactivating some BVCs

· Training them in some aspects of fisheries and parks regulations as they relate to Chembe

· Briefing the BVCs on the situation of bilharzia and fish catches in Chembe and relate this to shallow water fishing

· Facilitate development of a plan of action by the BVC to regulate shallow water fishing in Chembe

Task force members and VDC

26-27 Sept 05

· 40 Part@ K300x3= K36000.00

· 6 Facil@ K1300x4= K31200.00

· Fuel 40 lit@K130= K5200.00

· Drinks 50xK35x6= K10500.00

· Snacks 80xK10x6= K4800.00

· Venue booking= K600.00

· Stationery K60x50= K3000.00



Training of Village Health and School Committees

· Briefing committee about project

· Identifying roles committees members can play in the project

· Briefing the committees on the situation report of bilharzia and its impact on tourism to Cape Maclear

Task force members

5-7 Oct 05

· 30 Partic @ K300= K9000.00

· 6 Facil @ K1300x3= K23400.00

· Fuel 40 lit@K130= K5200.00

· Drinks 80xK35x4= K8400.00

· Snacks 80xK10x4= K3200.00

· Venue booking=K400.00

· Stationery K60x40=K2400.00



Awareness campaign meetings

· Sensitizing the communities about project

· Outlining roles of communities in the project

· Sensitization of fishermen about the relationship between shallow water fishing and bilharzia and fish breeding

VDC and L. Malawi Band

29-30 Sept 05

· Allow 10xK400x4= K16000.00

· Facil 6xK500x4= K12000.00

· Fuel 80 lit@K130= K10400.00

· Drinks 40xK35x2= K2800.00

· Snacks 40xK10x4= K1600.00



Enforcement of shallow water fishing ban

· Ensuring that fishermen are abiding by fish ban

· Resolving conflicts that may arise


Jan - Feb 2006

· No cost


Review and monitoring meetings

· Discussing progress of the project

· Planning activities to be carried out during the coming month

· Prepare and compile progress reports

Task force and VDC

Every first Tuesday of a month

· Allowan 6xK500x5= K3000.00

· Fuel 40lt@K130x5= K26000.00

· Communication= K15000




Plan of action formulated by a task force composed of the following:

1. Mr Mataka - Fisheries Officer based at Msaka - Chair

2. Mr Chinguwo - Parks and Wildlife Officer based at LMNP in Cape Maclear

3. Mr Zaccheus Solomon - Assistant Environmental Health Officer based at Monkey Bay

4. Ms Kaulembe - Community Development Assistant based at Monkey Bay

5. Mr Mwasesa - Assistant Primary Education Advisor based at Monkey Bay

6. Mr Justine Sumaila - Radio Presenter from Dzimwe Community Radio station at Monkey Bay