Current Graduate student and Postdoctoral Research


From left to right: Tom Adams, Lexie Orr, Katie Gaines, Annie Klodd, Laura Radville, David Eissenstat, Emily Lavely, Weile Chen, Yuning Shi

Scaling tree water use in the Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory

Effects of climate change on root dynamics and phenology in Arctic tundra in southwestern Greenland

Nutrient foraging by mycorrhizal roots.

Comparing the function and environmental responses of deep and shallow roots

Apple root and mycorrhizal fungal foraging strategies in nutrient-rich patches: linking aboveground carbohydrate demand to belowground processes

Research Associate. Coupling subsurface, land surface, ecosystem and atmosphere models

Linking root distribution and mycorrhizal colonization with topography in a mixed-mesic forest in central Pennsylvania.