Past Graduate Students and their Research

The effect of localized nitrogen availability on root lifespan

Grapevine water relations in Oakville, CA: root demographics and physiology in response to plant water deficit

The Influence of Nitrogen Deposition on Root Lifespan in Northeastern Temperate Forests

Reasons for differential leaf calcium concentrations in forest trees

Factors influencing fine root decomposition - Belowground carbon sequestration and nutrient cycling in temperate forest ecosystems

Patterns of variation in root lifespan in tree species

The Influence of Trees on Soil Biogeochemistry

Root and leaf responses to different levels of reproduction in Vaccinium corymbosum

Fine root production and lifespan in eleven temperate tree species growing in a common garden in Poland.

Linking species distributions to tree water relations in a temperate forest in central Pennsylvania

Influence of crop load on belowground carbon allocation in Concord grape.

Scaling tree water use in the Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory

Effects of climate change on root dynamics and phenology in Arctic tundra in southwestern Greenland

Nutrient foraging by mycorrhizal roots.

Comparing the function and environmental responses of deep and shallow roots

Linking root distribution and mycorrhizal colonization with topography in a mixed-mesic forest in central Pennsylvania.